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ARASA SRHR Research Symposium


AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) in collaboration with its partners shall be hosting a three-day research symposium from 21st to 23rd of May 2024 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The symposium will attract over 200 CSO representatives, researchers, funding partners, government representatives and various stakeholders. The symposium will bring together experts, researchers, practitioners, and professionals to discuss and exchange knowledge, research findings, and insights on the impact of mega trends on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights -SRHR programming in East and Southern Africa region.


This year’s ARASA Research Symposium is an outcome from the Regional SRHR Symposium held in Johannesburg, South Africa in March 2023. As part of the Accountability Framework (Position, Priorities), the delegates recommended as a way forward, for the regions to generate evidence regarding the intersectionality of mega trends, sexual and reproductive health and rights and access. The key mega trends are: The Digital Divide, Migration and Climate Change.

The 2023 SRHR Symposium noted that a lot is being done by CSOs on advocacy in the ESA region, however, there is dire need for evidence and data driven advocacy and research. The symposium also noted that there is a missing link between research institutions, academia and CSOs interventions. Currently, the development sector is implementing work based on limited evidence. ARASA and its partners would like to bridge the information gap where researchers/academic institutions, CSOs and governments work together, and the missing information finds its position and priority into the advocacy spaces.

Access to SRHR and HIV prevention efforts has been adversely affected by pandemics and epidemics. This symposium will explore the existing nexus between SRHR, HIV prevention and pandemics as we co-create sustainable and inclusive pathways for community led health systems strengthening.

It is against this background that ARASA aims to conduct a 3-day convening that will incorporate multiple arenas of expression and discussion through the exhibition, research presentation, dialogue and experience sharing communicated through various media.

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